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Dear reader,

I am terrified of wasting my twenties! If you know me at all, I can’t stand being stuck in a routine and I think that’s very easy to do when you have to Be An Adult and Do Responsible Things

Inspired by Books and Quills, I’ve made a list of the Thirty Things I Want to Do Before I’m Thirty.

1. Live in London

2. Go on an overseas holiday with a friend (and no parental involvement)

3. Make a blog

4. Fall in love

5. Kiss someone in the rain

6. Read all the books on my ‘100 Book Challenge’

7. Watch everything on my ‘100 Movies/TV Shows Challenge’

8. Learn First Aid

9. Visit Warwick Castle (I go to the University of Warwick and I’ve never been there! Shame on me… Plus I love all things The Kingmaker’s Daughter and Richard/Anne)

10. Complete a novel (as in, edit etc not just the first draft)

11. Eat yoghurt on the steps of the Met (Gossip Girl style)

12. Send a love letter

13. Fill my entire Q & A book (a friend gave me a neat book with a question per day for the next five years)

14. Dress as a fictional character

15. Go to a midnight screening of a film

16. Pass my driving test

17. Take an art class

18. Fill a sketchbook with drawings

19. Go to the carnival in Venice

20. Volunteer for a good cause

21. Graduate from university

22. See a musician I love live

23. Have a job where I get paid to do stuff (every graduate’s dream)

24. Go to an outdoor cinema

25. Help a friend with something important

26. Meet a celebrity I admire

27. Become good at some sort of craft

28. Get paid to do something creative (every artist’s dream)

29. Make a scrapbook

30. Go ice-skating (and hopefully don’t die)

I’m nearly 21, which gives me nine years and two months to complete this list. Will I succeed or fail miserably? Only time will tell…