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Dear reader,

When I went to see The Theory of Everything, I was expecting a dull, awards bait-y “great white man struggles against his disabilities”, but I was actually surprisingly charmed by this film. Yes, it’s light on science, but I don’t go to the cinema for a physics lecture anyway.

Eddie Redmayne is a gem as Stephen Hawking.

It’s almost impossible to believe whilst watching this film that Redmayne is a perfectly healthy, able-bodied young man, and he also captures the wit, charm and stubborn-ness which makes Hawking such a well-known figure. Felicity Jones is ok as Jane Hawking. She’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but she gives exactly the same “nice, serious English rose” performance as her work in The Invisible Woman, Northanger Abbey and most of the rest of her oeuvre. The girl needs a better agent, or to be more adventurous with the parts she chooses, because she’s currently stuck on repeat. I want someone to David Fincher her like what happened to Helena Bohnam-Carter in Fight Club. She should play a drug addict or something.

Jones isn’t helped by the fact that, despite this film supposedly being an even split between Stephen and Jane, she has much less to do and also has to attempt to deliver some of the film’s hokiest lines with a straight face.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this film, and even had a little cry at one or two points. It’s funny and poignant in all the right places, with some exquisite cinematography and excellent performances across the board. Plus the British cuties were out in force, what with Eddie Redmayne, Charlie Cox (Stardust) and Harry Lloyd (Robin HoodGreat Expectations). I enjoyed.

xoxo Emily Rose

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